Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How we met...

It was New Year's Eve, entering 2008. My great friends Gary & Shannon Wiegert had invited me to party where everyone was to wear all white. The plan was to met up at their friend, Shannon Garrett's house, then make our way over to the club where he and his brother were dj'ing. When we arrived at Shannon's place, I thought I was in the coolest home ever! An old firestation!!! As I walked in, I immediately recognized him from other gatherings. I went over to introduced myself, and was pleasantly surprised when he remembered me. I was already having butterflies!
Our whole group went out and celebrated. I even invited a date along, who was more like a wallflower. Shannon paid more attention to me than my date did! That night I also had my first mini-lesson in dj'ing. Ya right, but it did make for a good picture. I just love his smile.
As the night went on, Shannon  had the guts to ask me, "Are you with him, or are you with me?", referring to my bump-on-a-log date. I looked at Shannon and said, "I'm with him!". Oh goodness!
As the night grew to a close at the club, the party was to continue over at the Shannon's house. Everyone was invited. My date decided not to join... and Shannon &  I have been together ever since. I guess his confident attitude and the ability to make me laugh had me hooked.
Now, I live in the awesome firestation, that funny man with the sweet smile is my future husband, and we are planning the rest of our lives together. Simply amazing :)


  1. I am so glad your "bump - 0n - A - log date didn't join you!!! Such a cute story!!