Friday, April 2, 2010

Greet the Groomsmen..

The following men are Shannon's brothers in one way or the other. He loves each one of them dearly and is so thankful they are willing to support him on his wedding day.

Greet Gary - Best Man!
Shannon met Gary while dj'ing at The Rocks Club Riverside, over 10 years ago. They quickly became close friends, and now more like brothers. Throughout the years, Gary & Shannon have been there for one another to lend a hand, a shoulder, as well as love and support for one another. Gary and his beautiful wife Shannon were the ones who actually introduced Breanne & Shannon to one another. (confusing I know)
Gary works for his family construction business, enjoys dj'ing every chance he gets, and is a proud father to their adorable son Gavin.

Greet Rick!
Shannon met Rick back in 2001, when Shannon first began working in the audio/video business. Over a period of time, they realized how much they had in common.... electronics, old cars, 4x4's, & of course Beer! haha. Shannon's ringtone for Rick is "It's 5 o'clock somewhere".
Rick works as an engineer for Speakercraft. He always has the latest and most tricked out gadgets! Rick's lovely girlfriend Letty, and her daughter Victoria are the loves of his life.

Greet Jeremy!
Shannon and Jeremy also met at The Rocks Club Riverside about 10 years ago, and have remained close friends ever since.
Jeremy's interest in dj'ing quickly landed him on X103.9, and as a guitarist later went on to perform and tour with many well known bands. His numerous musical talents including, producing and remixing have resulted in his most recent creation Space Camp Stowaways.
When not on tour or in the studio, Jeremy works with Shannon as his right-hand man.

Greet Dustin!
Dustin is Shannon's youngest brother, they have 7 years between them. They both have a passion for dj'ing, and try to spend as much time together as possible.
Dustin now owns High End Events, a successful mobile dj business. He and his gorgeous wife Marina work together promoting wedding business, as she is also a fantastic makeup artist. Dustin and Marina are planning on expanding their family with children very soon.

Greet Donny!
Donny is only 13 months younger than Shannon. They also get together every chance they can.
Donny helps run the family landscaping business New Seed Landscape, and follows his passion for Christ as a guitarist, leading local worship. He and his beautiful wife Rebecca have been married over 10 years and have a sweet 2 year old son, Ethan.

Greet Ethan - Ringbearer!
Son of Donny and Rebecca, this handsome man just turned 2 in December. He is the smartest little boy I have ever met. With all the musical talent in the family, this guy is destined I'm sure. Watch out, he'll be breaking hearts soon!