Thursday, March 18, 2010

We are homeowners!

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy. Shannon and I are now homeowners! I can hardly believe it.

Our new place has 3 bedrooms plus an office (formally 4 bedrooms), 2 bathrooms, a huge front and back yard, and a swimming pool!

We moved into our new place & Shannon has been hard at work ever since. Right away he started cutting holes in walls and ceilings, running cables and wires thru the attic, and adding speakers & tv's everywhere. He is doing such a great job at making our house feel like a home.

Shannon's office was a bedroom at one time. Part of the wall has been removed and made into a walk-thru office that is connected to the front room. I have also taken blue tape and labeled each ceiling fan with a new destination. Awesome Shannon has offered to move them all for me.

The spacious kitchen came with white appliances. Shannon switched them out to our fancy new black ones, which I absolutely love. We are borrowing a lovely kitchen set and barstools from Shannon's parents.

I can remove that iPod from the kitchen counter, because we now have a new device that allows me to search my ipod & play anything I want throught the whole house speakers... yes, including my bathroom! Shannon's job amazes me.

Luckily, this house was ready to move in! Wood flooring, new carpet, new baseboards, new paint! The only thing that needed immediate attention was replacement of a few boards on the back fence.
I can't wait for Summer to hurry up and get here so we can all go swimming!

Looking forward to spending many years in this home, sharing lots of laughs, and filling it with the love of our family and friends. Can't wait to have you over. E-mail us if you need our updated address!