Friday, January 15, 2010

Will you...

Today was going to be the day I had always dreamed about,
and I didn't even know it.
Shannon was about to propose to me, just before his big 40....

We had a big party planned for his 40th birthday celebration that night. All day Shannon had been complaining of "not feeling well". He told me he didn't know if he was becoming sick, or just nervous about seeing alot of his long lost friends from back in the day.

As we were getting ready for the evening's event (bday party), Shannon called for me to come and "help him". I finished brusing my teeth, and as I came into the living room... there he was on one knee with tears running down his cheeks, and a ring box in his hand. I ran over to him & fell to my knees as we hugged eachother, cried and laughed. When the words "Will You Marry Me" came from his mouth, I never knew I could feel so happy and loved. I seriously jumped up and down around the house for an hour, screaming and laughing the whole time.

Immediately Shannon's ill feeling went away. He realized it was just nerves driving him wild. haha :) We ended up not only celebrating his birthday that night, but we also had ourselves a mini-engagement party! I used the same line all night: "Hey, guess what I have.... A FIANCE!"


  1. Lookin Good!!! :) Congrats again!! Oh!! I love your countdown ticker!!! Nice work on doing that!! :) xoxo

  2. Love love LOVE this story, soooo cute. You two are adorable and this is just such fabulous news! xxx

  3. Ah as i read that it brought tears to my eyes! :)............... so happy for u both!!!
    xoxox Shavawn