Friday, October 28, 2011

Howard Family :: Sioux Falls, SD

My greatest and truest friend Jennie and I have been "bff's" since Junior High School. We were in the band together, and both played the flute. Oh the crazy memories and even crazier stories we can tell!!!! I looked up to her back then! And even more now.
Now that she lives in South Dakota, I try and make an annual trip to visit her and her family. I have visited their different seasons, and I would say this trip in October was by far my favorite! I was more than excited to take some photos of her beautiful family, they look like they could be on the cover of a magazine! Her boys Ethan, Samuel, and Griffin just melt my heart. I can't get enough of those little guys. Jennie and Nick, thank you for such a wonderful time as always. Can't wait to come back for next year's visit. Love you all

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I am so thrilled! You are an amazing photographer Breanne! The best I've ever had! You captured so many things about my family that I will cherish these pictures FOREVER. It's even more meaningful that my best friend was the one to capture these special memories. I love that they are so...candid...and not posed. Perfect addition to my home. Love you so much! xoxo