Friday, December 2, 2011

Johnson Family :: Scripps College, Claremont

I first met Mike back at Upland High School. We were both in the band ( haha sorry to spill the beans Mike ). Then, years later I was contacted by Jessica his gorgeous fiancee at the time, as she was planning their wedding at Padua Hills Theater. We would email back and forth, chatting and sharing ideas. Erin & Louis with Palos Studio were their photographers for their wedding, and I was lucky enough to assist on their beautiful day! 
Since then, Jessica has also started up with her own photography career! Have a look at Jessica Johnson Photography! It was totally nerve wracking when she asked me to take their holiday pictures! After all, she is used to the gorgeous photos from Palos Studio, and also knows a thing or two about photography herself. So, the heat was on! 
I love that they brought their adorable puppy Duke along! He is the tiniest and sweetest dog ever! Mike did a great job holding him in a manly fashion. Thank you again Mike & Jessica for a great day, and for helping me calm my nerves. Enjoy the pictures of this gorgeous couple!

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