Thursday, December 9, 2010

My B.F.F.

It's been over a year since I have seen my B.F.F. Jennie. We have been friends since we met while in the Jr. High School band. She moved to South Dakota about 6 years ago {I believe}, and has created the most adorable family. 
This was going to be a special visit because Jennie just gave birth to her 4th son, and MY Godson! What an incredible honor. He is just absolutely precious. 

I flew out the day after Thanksgiving, still lagging from Turkey hangover, but I made it. We had the best 4 days possible. It was absolutely perfect. We hung out!!!! Like we did growing up. Chit-chatted, laughed, gossiped (not really), went to lunch, Jennie even tought me how to sew.
Not only is she a fantastic mother & wife,
Jennie can create anything! She is so crafty, I can't wait to show you a few things she's made.

But first, I must share with you her sweet boys.
Ethan {almost 5} is just a ball of energy! I wish I could just take some of it and use it to my advantage. He is a great big brother, and such the ladie's man in the making. He loves his video games.

Samuel is about to turn 2, and he is just the funniest man ever. He makes me laugh with his innocent face, and his sneaky little ways. I love how he sits on the counter and places his tiny little feet in the drawer to keep steady.

Little Griffin is just 2 months old, and I want to just bundle him up and carry him everywhere. What a sweet baby. He was just starting to smile when I was visiting, and I tried to capture each moment. What a great honor I have of being this sweet man's Godmother. Thank you Nick & Jennie!

And now I would like to share some goodies that Jennie has made! She is so incredibly talented, and has created her very own Etsy shop! I'm so proud of her. While I was visiting, Jennie and I both made scarves. She makes baby blankets, burp cloths, crayon roll-ups, headbands, wreaths & many other fun things!

I finally got the snow I was hoping for, as I was leaving :( I had a little bit of time to run outside and snap a few photos before it was time to catch the plane home. Unfortuanately, I missed the big snow just as I was taking off. Too bad because I would have loved to make a snowball with the boys.

I can't wait to come back! {hopefully next fall} I'm beginning this photography thing, and I would love to capture some family photos for the Howard family. I just love them all dearly and appreciate each minute I get to spend with them.
So, until next year Jennie and I will remain email & phone buddies :) love you girl!

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