Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Highlight Wedding Video!

Hi Everyone :) I was sooo surprisesd when I opened my email this morning and found that our videographers have already finished our Highlight Video. I absolutely love it. Feels like we are movie stars or something. Our wedding was such a fun day, it was great to kind of "re-live" it and see all the awesome things that we missed on the actual day. Super huge big thanks to our AWESOME videographers John and Britney from NR3 Video Productions. They were so fun to work with. I really appreciate their talent and hard work that day.
Check out our Highlight Video Here. Hope you enjoy! Make sure to also check out their other fantastic videos too :)


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  1. So beautiful! I loved watching this! Loved how the preist called you BOTH Shannon. ;) Something to always laugh about! :) I thought it was so cute how Shannon whispered into his ear who was who!! Loved your dance!!!! :) Gorgeous wedding Breanne. SO sorry I missed out! :( You guys are SO CUTE together!!! LOve you, congrats! xoxoxo